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Important Dates:

Register to Vote by May 28

You may register at your local board of elections or any state agency participating in the National Voter Registration Act, on any business day throughout the year.

Early Voting is from June 12-22

Your early voting poll site may be different from your Election Day poll site,

so make sure to check before you go.

Election Day is June 22

Polls open from 6am-9pm. Find your poll site here.

Can I vote?
NYC Council District 11 in the Bronx includes neighborhoods; Bedford Park, Kingsbridge, Riverdale, Norwood, Wakefield, Woodlawn, Van Cortlandt Village.

Vote by Mail / Absentee Ballot
All registered voters can vote by mail due to the pandemic. You can select “Temporary illness or disability” as the reason for your request.

Rank Mino #1!
NYC is using Ranked Choice Voting for the June 22 election. You can rank up to 5 candidates in order of preference, instead of choosing just one.

Pledge to Vote for Mino!

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